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  • Social Charter - Bringing People Together

    Bringing People Together

    The best that Celtic stands for is promoting health and well-being, understanding and positive social integration.

    Celtic began in part as a way of using sport to bridge cultures between Scotland and Ireland. Celtic continues to seek ways to bring people together and create understanding.

    Celtic has always been open to all. Several times in Celtic's history moves had been made to limit who can play for the Club. However the Club has always taken the decision to be open to all.

    Celtic are proud of our Irish roots. The Club flies the Irish Tricolour on Match Days to mark our Irish heritage. Celtic's identity has been shaped as a Scottish Club with Irish roots. Celtic continues to honour this heritage in a variety of ways. Our many Irish fans show that our Irishness is not just something from the past.

    The name Celtic was chosen as representing a common link between the Irish and Scottish cultures. Our founders were keen that Celtic Football Club would permit young people from the Catholic community in Scotland to be able to have sporting success as away of making their mark in Scotland and as a vehicle to show their achievement and worth.

    The greatest Celt of all, Jock Stein, liked the Club and liked the people he worked with. Jock, like many other great Celts, came from a background which did not share Celtic's Irish culture. However Jock shared the same social background as the fans, and he viewed the fans as the lifeblood of the game.

    Jock was always aware of the importance of Celtic's reputation and jealously guarded it. On one occasion Jock waded into the crowd at a game against Stirling Albion to tell fans to stop singing songs about politics in Ireland. He said these fans were "wreckers". Celtic Football Club believe that the way to support the ideals linked to Celtic is to sing songs in support of the football team and what it stands for.

    Action to be taken

    Celtic will act as a medium for promoting health and well-being. Celtic will support initiatives that offer hope to those affected by the scourge of drug misuse. 

    Celtic will encourage positive links between the education sector and the Club through our Match Day Visit programme. 

    Celtic will act to expand links with Scottish schools to support learning in the areas of sport, health, social issues and personal and social development.

    Celtic will act to promote positive social integration in partnership with others in schemes that bring people together to share positive values associated with the best in football.

    Celtic will support schemes that seek to create bridges between different cultures and sectors of society within Ireland and Scotland.

    Celtic aims to support schemes in Northern Ireland that  have as their aim the building of bridges between different communities.

    Celtic aims to promote schemes that enhance cooperation between communities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.