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    The Celtic Park lightshow takes place before all European fixtures and selected domestic games.

    It promises to provide an unforgettable atmosphere at Paradise as supporters take their seats to see the famous stadium plunged into darkness before getting hearts soaring as the lightshow gets underway!

    Over the summer Celtic Football Club made a major investment to enhance our supporters’ experience within the stadium, these improvements included a full upgrade of the stadium floodlights.

    In addition to the new LED floodlights, the club have installed entertainment lights which will light up Paradise on a matchday like never before, taking the legendary atmosphere to another level.

    The health and safety of our supporters is paramount to Celtic Football Club and we have consulted industry specialists, a medical expert and Epilepsy Scotland who have given the lightshow their seal of approval.

    The lightshows will not contain any light sequences of unusual colours or frequencies that would raise concerns about photosensitivity among the general public.

    The shows all adhere to the strict guidelines for lightshows and broadcast media, they have been used in other stadia without adverse effect and have been approved for use in a public setting.

    Although we have gone to great lengths to ensure the shows are safe for all to enjoy, we would still advise any supporter who may find such lightshows uncomfortable to consider whether it is best for them to avoid being in the main stadium bowl during any show.

    In this regard appropriate notice and details will always be given ahead of any lightshows here on celticfc.net and through our social media channels.

    Technical Information

    LED Floodlights: Philips ArenaVision LED which have a rectangular waveform with a modulation depth of 2.5% and a maximum flicker of less than 1%, up to 3kHz spectral bandwidth.

    Entertainment Lights: Philips Vari-Lite VL6000 using a 1500Watt Arc lamp, which is driven by a internal ballast at 250Hz. Fitted with a 1500W ARC lamp which produces 55,000 lumens with average illuminance levels relative to distance.

    The lights conform to IEC TR 61547-1 and IEEE Std 1789-2015 standards and all shows have been created for Celtic Park with the utmost care in order to ensure the experience is enjoyed by all. The lighting sequences DO NOT fall into the frequencies that would cause individuals adverse effects.

    For further information please contact us at [email protected]

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