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  • Social Charter - Renowned Qualities of Our Supporters

    Renowned Qualities of Our Supporters

    The best that Celtic stands for is the renowned qualities of its supporters and their relationship with the Club.

    Celtic fans are renowned wherever they travel for their passion and love for the game of football. In addition when the fans carry with honour the image and colours of the Club they act in a way that brings credit to Celtic and reflects well on the good name of the fans and the Club.

    Action to be taken

    The supporters, the Club and its owners have high expectations for the team on the field and a high regard for the fans.

    The management and employees of the Club aim to provide the best quality service to the fans and aim to live up to their expectations for success for the Club. The Club should continue to improve the service it provides to its customers.

    Celtic will continue to listen to and respect the advice and opinions of its supporters and endeavour to consult and communicate with the fans.

    The fans play a vital part in ensuring the success of Celtic Football Club. The fans inspire the team and contribute to the Celtic spirit.

    The Celtic spirit among the fans means devoted encouragement and faithful support for the team. Celtic fans know the history of the Club and are committed to the ideals associated with the founding of the Club.

    Celtic asks all fans to ensure that they live up to best that Celtic stands for.