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  • Social Charter - Being Open To All

    Being Open To All

    The best that Celtic stands for is an inclusive organisation being open to all regardless of age, sex, race, religion or disability.

    Celtic has always been a Club willing to offer a welcome to all.

    Action to be taken

    Celtic acts as an inclusive organisation being open to all regardless of age, sex, religion, race or ability.

    Celtic offers a welcome to all who come to Celtic Park and asks that they conduct themselves in a manner which reflects well on themselves and on Celtic.

    Celtic aims to improve the conditions in which fans watch and participate in order to maximise the enjoyment of individuals and the crowd attending games as Celtic supporters. The Club seeks to provide a quality service for all its customers.

    Celtic will adopt an equal opportunities policy in the areas of employment and service provision.

    Celtic will aim to increase the attendance of children at football and aim to promote their participation in sport through a variety of activities. Celtic will aim to have close links with education authorities, schools and community groups through our Match Day Visits.

    Celtic will act against racism and sectarianism in any form. Celtic will not tolerate actions and language that seek to promote racism and sectarianism. Celtic aims to support the guidelines issued by the Commission for Racial Equality.

    Celtic aims to positively respond to the needs of all supporters to ensure that all fans are enabled to overcome any barriers to their participation in support of the Club. Celtic will consult with supporters with disabilities, sensory impairment or learning difficulties to ensure that the Club meets their needs as supporters.

    Celtic will be pleased to work together with all organisations and bodies that share such aims for football. The Club will consult with employees, shareholders, supporters and supporters' representatives to ensure that all share the aims of Celtic's Social Charter.