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    The Fans

    The best that Celtic stands for is the renowned qualities of its supporters and their relationship with the Club.

    Celtic Supporters are proud to be ambassadors for all that the Club stands for. The ownership of the Club has moved from the few to the many. The fans played a key role in changing the company to one with a large number of shareholders and one of the most successful fan shareholdings in football with around 15,000 fans owning shares in the Club. Up until 1995 only about 200 people owned shares.

    The number of season ticket holders is one of the largest in European football and no British club can compare to Celtic's 53,000 season ticket holders. Celtic regularly play before crowds of around 60,000 fans. Through the webcasts from Celtic TV thousands of other Celtic fans from around the world are logged on to Celtic games and Celtic news.

    The Celtic Supporters Association has represented fans since 1946. Over the years they have provided a focus for the fans to travel to games and meet to share their passion for Celtic. The CSA also share the Club's charitable principles and raise large sums of money for a wide range of good causes. The CSA raised around £100,000 for the children of Dunblane Primary to visit Florida. A few of the children and staff came to Celtic Park to thank the fans and the office holders of the CSA in the centre circle at a home game. After thanking the fans the CSA officials, the school staff and the young people from Dunblane walked off the pitch to the strains of "You'll Never Walk Alone."

    Celtic fans are usually the number one name on the guest list for many long-serving football players considering which team to invite to a testimonial. Celtic fans not only add thousands to the gate for such matches but also add to the occasion with their singing and support of good football.

    We don't care if we win, lose or draw,

    What the hell do we care'

    'Cos we only know

    That's there's going to be a show

    And the Glasgow Celtic will be there.