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Tickets for today's match are still available to purchase. Ticket Office will be open from 12noon today, we advise… https://t.co/gNANUFBiCt

19 Jan 10:41 via Twitter Web App

Ticket Office will be open from 12noon today until kick off. We advise supporters who have tickets to collect to co… https://t.co/jp0syVjJtr

19 Jan 10:29 via Twitter Web App

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    Following feedback from supporters, the Ticket Office is now accepting applications from existing Season Ticket holders who are looking to relocate within the stadium for Season 2018/19.

    While no relocation request can be guaranteed, every effort will be made to ensure that where availability allows, supporter’s relocation requests can be actioned.

    It is important to note that while the window to submit relocation requests has now opened, no requests will be processed until the 2018/19 Season Ticket renewals period comes to a close later this season, and requests can only be processed for supporters who renew their existing seasonal seat.

    However, applications will be processed in order of date received, so submit your relocation request as soon as possible to be in with the best chance of receiving an opportunity to move your seasonal seat.

    Further details regarding the 2018/19 Season Ticket renewals window will be made available shortly.

    To submit a relocation request, click HERE to download a Season Ticket Relocation Form, and return it to the Ticket Office at Celtic Park either by post or in person.

    For those who are unable to download / print a copy of the form, copies are available at the Ticket Office.

    Click HERE for further Season Ticket relocations information.

  • Season Ticket Relocations – FAQS

    How do I apply for Season Ticket relocations?

    Season Ticket holders can apply for a relocation of their Season Ticket (max group of 4) by completing the Season Ticket Relocation Form and returning by post to Celtic Ticket Office, Celtic Park, Glasgow, G40 3RE. Alternatively, supporters can visit the Ticket Office in person and return the completed form. The Ticket Office is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am til 5pm.

    I am unable to download the form, how can I apply for a relocation?

    If you are unable to download the form, please visit the Ticket Office and we will provide you with a form to complete. Relocation cannot be requested via telephone/email.

    Why is the relocation restricted to four per group?

    Relocations are restricted to four per group due to the limited availability for season seats seated together.

    Do I need to renew my current seat to be considered for a relocation of my season seat?

    Yes, we advise you renew your current season seat as quickly as possible for Season 2018/19. All seats must be renewed by the Season Ticket deadline which will be clearly detailed on the Season Ticket renewal form. All Season Ticket holders in the group must have renewed their Season Ticket for a relocation to be considered.

    When will the Ticket Office advise if I can relocate?

    The Ticket Office will process Season Ticket relocation applications, in order of date received, subject to availability, after the Season Ticket deadline has passed.

    If my application for Season Ticket relocation is successful, how long do I have to decide if I wish to take the seats offered to me?

    In the event that you are offered seats for relocation, we will advise of the deadline for a decision to be confirmed to the Ticket Office. This will be 2 days from the date the relocation is offered. The seats will be cancelled and released if not confirmed by the deadline set by the Ticket Office.

    How will I know if I have been offered alternative seats?

    The Ticket Office will contact the lead name on the Season Ticket relocation form by email. Please ensure the contact details on the completed form are correct and up to date.

    If no suitable seats are available for Season 2018/19, what happens to my application?

    If no suitable seats are available, your request will be kept on file and should anything suitable become available during the course of Season 2018/19, the Ticket Office will contact the lead name.

    Am I guaranteed a Season Ticket relocation?

    Season Ticket relocations are not guaranteed, relocations will be dependent on availability after the Season Ticket renewal process is completed.

    We wish to relocate to Rail Seating, will this section be available for Season 2018/19?

    Season Ticket holders have had the opportunity to join the Rail Seating waiting list on their renewal form for the last few seasons. Relocations can be requested for this section on the Season Ticket Relocation form, however, priority will be given to those Season Ticket holders who have previously registered their interest in this section.

    I wish to relocate and purchase a new Season Ticket beside me, is this possible?

    The Season Ticket relocation form is only available to current Season Ticket holders. A Season Ticket Waiting List for Season 2018/19 is available and full details can be found on the Club website, www.celticfc.net/tickets/waitinglist

    Should we be in a position to offer your friend/family member a Season Ticket for Season 2018/19, you can check with the Ticket Office on the availability for seats together at the time of purchase.

    If I am offered a relocation to a more expensive seat, how do I pay the difference in cost?

    If you are offered a seat which is more expensive than your current seat, the difference in price must be paid in full by card or cash. If you have applied for your original seat via Zebra Finance, you will need to pay the difference in price by debit/credit card or cash at the time of relocation. This will be processed once monies have been received from Zebra Finance for your season seat.

    If I am offered a relocation to a less expensive seat, will I receive a refund?

    If you are offered a seat which is less expensive than your current seat, you will receive a refund for the difference in price. If you have applied for your original seat via Zebra Finance, your finance agreement with Zebra will remain in place and you will be refunded by your preferred method of payment. This will be processed once monies have been received from Zebra Finance for your season seat.

    If I don’t take the seats offered to me as a relocation, will I stay on the list?

    If you do not wish to take the seat offered to you, it will be noted that you did not take seats offered to you and you will be re-placed at the end of the relocation list.