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    Q. Why has the Young Hoops Club been broken down into 3 age groups?

    A. It has been broken down into 3 age groups to ensure that all members receive a membership pack which is suited to their age and so that we can tailor events to suit different age groups.

    Q. Can I buy tickets for a game?

    A. No, ticketing priorities are NOT included as part of this membership

    Q. How do I join the Young Hoops Club?

    A. You can join in any Official Celtic Store or alternatively, download the application form from our website and post it back to us at - Young Hoops Club, Celtic Superstore, 95 Kerrydale Street, Glasgow, G40 3RE

    DOWNLOAD the Young Hoops Club membership form.

    Q. If I post the application form how long will it take for my pack to arrive?

    A. Please allow up to 21 days for your pack to arrive.

    Q. Is my membership a seasonal one?

    A. Yes. Your membership to the Young Hoops Club will expire 30th June 2019.

    Q. Can I be a member from outside the UK?

    A. Yes, please email [email protected] for a euro application form. Unfortunately you may not be able to participate in as many events, but we're working on it!