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  • Scrip Scheme


    The terms and conditions of the Celtic Scrip Dividend Scheme pursuant to which shareholders in the Company can elect to receive dividends payable on Preference Shares by way of an issue of new Ordinary Shares in the Company are set out  here.

    The Scrip share price is the average closing middle market quotation of Celtic PLC's Ordinary Shares over the five dealing days starting with the relevant ex dividend day.

    The price at which such shares were or will be issued are:

    2017 Scrip share price – 102.0p

    Individual shareholders who have elected to participate in the scrip dividend scheme are reminded that if they have any queries in respect of the personal tax consequences of their participation in the scrip dividend scheme, they should seek personal tax advice from a qualified adviser. 

    A Scrip Election form is also available here.

    Please note, as of 28 October 2015, the telephone number for contacting Computershare Investor Services PLC for the purposes of the Scheme and Scrip Dividend Mandate is now 0370 702 0192.

    Page last updated - Sep 4, 2017, 10:09