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  • Positive Coaching - Making Yourself Better



    It is perfectly normal to dream about scoring the winning goal in the Scottish Cup Final and then lifting the trophy for Celtic.


    These feelings are natural for aspiring young players, however the reality is that only 1% of youth football players actually go on to be successful in the professional game. For the players that are successful in football the vast majority of them attribute their success to 2 things:


    • Hard Work
    • Talent


    There is no doubt that you need talent to be successful in football, however every player in your team has talent. The one area that sets the successful players apart is hard work.


    Are you the hardest working player in your team?


    If not . . . why not?


    In fact, research shows that the players who only focus on their talent without working hard, will seldom be successful!


    The same research found that there are 2 separate mindsets that have enormous implications to a young aspiring player:


    • The first is a ‘fixed mindset’ where a player sees themselves as being talented or not, they feel it does not matter what they do, they have an upper level to their talent.


    • The second is the ‘growth mindset’, where players believe they have a base level of talent but with hard work their talent has no upper limit.