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  • Positive Coaching - Making Your Teammates Better



    There are many benefits of playing football, both on and off the pitch. From fitness to social interaction and life skills football provides an unusual, but ideal, training ground for later life.


    Football can help increase your self-esteem, which feeds your inner drive, which ultimately drives your performance. But football isn’t the only winner, quite often it can be seen that your school performance can increases too! Studies have shown that by feeling part of a team and exercising regularly you will continue this attitude into adult life.


    The number one reason to play football is to have fun; if football is fun and enjoyable then you and your team-mates will want to continue playing, however you can have an impact on your team-mates enjoyment!


    Research shows that home teams win 60% of their matches – Why? 


    Players are capable of performing better when someone is giving them encouragement or cheering for them, this is what happens at home matches. There does not however need to be thousands of fans supporting you to make sure you feel good about yourself and your ability. Positive players  have the capability to help support and improve their team mates.


    When players are confident they are open to improvement, are more optimistic; can deal with challenges; have more energy and are willing to learn from mistakes. Positive players recognise the importance of confidence, making sure that you have a portable home advantage in every game you play.