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  • Positive Coaching - What is a Positive Parent?



    Without any guidance, we handle our son’s footballing experience the same way our parents did or the way we see other parents do. A lot of the time however, we get it wrong! The result of this has been that we face a number of challenging social issues that often overflow into youth football, issues such as:


    • Violence on the touchline
    • Disrespect for officials
    • Pushy Parents
    • Reduced levels of physical activity and rising levels of obesity
    • Coaches focused on winning the game, at all costs.


    As in everyday life young players involved with football need positive parental education and guidance. It is important that parents recognise their role in developing their child’s footballing ability & the lifelong lessons taught through football. Positive Coaching Scotland aims to equip you with the tools to support your child’s development as they grow and mature.


    Your Role as a Celtic Parent:


    • Set an example – be a positive role model
    • Unconditional support for your child and their teammates
    • Understand your child’s age and stage of development
    • Recognise the role football plays in teaching life lessons


    Within Celtic Football Club we support the Positive Coaching Scotland ethos of:


    • Striving to Win
    • Learning and Developing


    Within the delivery of the Positive Coaching Scotland programme parents are provided with a set of TOOLS to support the development of their son, the tools are designed to create, maintain and promote a positive culture within your Celtic FC.