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  • Positive Coaching - Making the Game Better



    There are numerous good examples of fair play throughout football, however, all too often the negative examples are the ones that make the media headlines.


    Most players agree that this type of behaviour has no part to play in our game – but what do YOU do to change the behaviours in football?


    In a society in which bending the rules is becoming commonplace and courtesy is short in supply, it is crucial to encourage young people to get to the ROOTS of Honouring the Game. ROOTS stands for respect for the Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self.


    The ROOTS of Being a Positive Player:


    Rules - We want to win the game the way it is supposed to  be played. We refuse to bend the rules even when we get away with it, whether anyone is looking or not. Rules are there for a reason, breaking the rules dishonours our game - Respect the rules, be an honest player. 


    Opponents - Imagine a tug of war with no-one else on the other end of the rope. Without opponents football would make no sense. The best games are the ones that are challenging, hard but fair, lots of passion and enjoyable - Respect the opposition, play hard and fair.


    Officials - Respect the officials at all times. They play a vital part in our game. No player has the right to abuse them! Respect the officials, Be a good role model.


    Teammates - Never do anything on or off the field that makes you a poor role model. Honouring our game means being proud of your behaviours - Play hard and work together as a team.


    Self - Always be a positive role model - Never let yourself down!