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  • Positive Coaching - How is PCS Delivered



    Positive Coaching Scotland is referred to as a cultural change programme, aiming to ‘Transform Scottish sport, so sport can transform youth’.


    To do this the programme uses a systems approach, ensuring that everybody that has an influence on the development of your child has a positive approach – Leaders, Coaches, Parents and the  Players themselves. The programme delivers to all four of these groups ensuring that we all work together to build and sustain the most positive and productive sports culture possible.




    In addition to support from Celtic FC, Positive Coaching has the support of, The Scottish FA, Scottish Premier League, The Scottish Football League, Winning Scotland Foundation and sportscotland, all of these organisations have made a commitment to develop a positive culture for Scottish Football.




    New and existing coaches within Celtic FC all be exposed to the messages of Positive Coaching Scotland, ensuring that, they follow the double goal approach:


    1st Goal           Winning is important
    2nd Goal          Learning and development




    Players also have a key role to play in their own environment, the Positive Coaching Scotland workshops will focus on:


    • Improving Themselves
    • Improving their Team Mates
    • Improving the Game




    Positive Parents have a hugely important role to play, ensuring their children take away from football the lessons that will help them be successful in life – ‘focusing on the big picture’.