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  • Social Charter - Celtic FC Foundation

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    In 1887, the founder of Celtic Football Club was a local Marist Brother of Irish origin, Brother Walfrid, who recognised the need for positive social integration between the Scottish and Irish living in Glasgow, hence the name Celtic, emphasising a bridge of cultures across the Irish Sea.

    He aimed to significantly change the lives and wellbeing of local people in Glasgow’s East End. Those people in the community suffered hardship on many fronts but particularly they lacked the opportunity to work, to feed themselves and their children properly, to be treated as equals in society, to live fulfilling and healthy lives and to become the best people that they could be.

    In 1996 the charitable arm of Celtic Football Club was formed with the aim of revitalising Celtic's charitable traditions. This charitable arm has evolved through the years and since 1996 we, Celtic FC Foundation, have raised over £7m and have been involved in more educational, community, and charitable work than at any time in the Club's history. Such work is a measure of the Club's commitment to the charitable principles, which were the motivation for the Club's Founding Fathers.



      i.   To assist with the alleviation of poverty on our own doorstep and beyond

     ii.   To provide access to education for children and adults, helping combat social issues

    iii.   To promote health and wellbeing to all, through the use of sport and education

    iv.   To help create opportunity and a sense of purpose

     v.   To uphold and promote the charitable principles and heritage of Celtic Football Club

    vi.   To deliver change and purpose to the Celtic Family and beyond


    Key Areas – H.E.L.P.

    Health issues are important to us. Ensuring that people lead active and healthy lives and eat nutritious food whether they are at school, work or home is a priority of Celtic FC Foundation. Alleviating alcohol/drug abuse, making life easier for those who suffer mental health issues and working with the community through health professionals to mitigate instances of obesity are particular focus areas for us under the Health category.

    Equality is an ongoing piece of work which is vital to Celtic FC Foundation. We will ensure that all members of society, irrespective of race, creed or colour, are given equal chance, in line with the Club’s own values. Celtic is a club open to all and we actively campaign through Celtic FC Foundation to promote social inclusion and to end discrimination on grounds of race and religious belief.

    Learning is at the forefront of what we do. Education is a key factor in enabling our society to move forward and integrate into an ever-evolving culture. Our ability to deliver education to those in need can range from; Celtic Learning Centre sessions, assisted learning, scholarships, providing musical instruments, digital learning, adult learning and life management. These provisions are not exhaustive and allow us to continue to help build a confident and self-sufficient community.

    Poverty is a blight on society and we believe that by tackling the symptoms of poverty collectively, people’s lives will continue to improve. Homelessness is an affect of poverty, however, the causes of poverty are wide and varied. We will work with those affected by poverty and in partnership with others and offer our services on employability, managing money, tackling addiction, re-engaging offenders and creating opportunity through education and training.


    Those We Help

    Celtic FC Foundation is an organisation here for all, regardless of gender, age, religion, race, or ability.

    Our priority is to provide assistance to those who face daily challenges within our key priority areas of Health, Equality, Learning and Poverty. In addition we offer support in the form of delivery and/or partnership to external charities and other organisations who offer value in the community and whose principles fit within these key priority areas.


    Where We Work

    There are many places across the world where help and charity would make a huge difference to people’s lives. However, our focus will support areas based on the need surrounding our home within the city of Glasgow in the first instance.

    Therefore, our main geographical areas of support, in order of priority are:

      i.   The North and East of Glasgow

     ii.   Greater Glasgow, Inverclyde and North Lanarkshire

    iii.   Scotland, Ireland and the rest of the UK

    iv.   Rest of the World, with an emphasis on Asia and Africa

    However, each project will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and we will always focus our attention where our efforts are best served, primarily supporting the geographical areas listed above.

    "Celtic FC Foundation Football for Good".