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  • Wee Jay - Faithful Through and Through

    Wee Jay - Faithful Through and Through

    By: Newsroom Staff on 25 Sep, 2014 14:46

  • EVERYONE knows that Celtic is a club like no other, but we all have our own individual reasons for believing that.

    Whether it be the triumph in Lisbon in 1967, the victory over Barcelona in 2012 or nine-in-a-row, we each have a personal reason for supporting the club and throughout this season the team at Celtic View have made it our mission to ask you, the fans, just what that is.

    This week we speak to a Celtic supporter who has been embraced by the Celtic family because of his un-paralleled love for the team – a young Bhoy affectionately known as Wee Jay – Jay Beattie from Ireland.

    Jay jumped into the hearts and minds of the Celtic support when he was plucked from the crowd by his hero Georgios Samaras during the end-of-season celebrations at Celtic Park this year.

    Here, he tells us just why Celtic means so much to him...

    When/How and why did you start supporting Celtic?
    From the moment I was born I was going to be a Celtic supporter as all my family supported them and my Nanny Eileen would sing me Celtic songs. My Daddy's family are all Celtic supporters and I have loads of aunties and uncles and cousins and they all love Celtic. My Grandda Hayden would tell me stories all about Celtic when he was feeding me - and the town where I live, Lurgan, is Celtic-daft, so I was born one lucky Bhoy. 

    What is your earliest Celtic memory?
     am only 10-years-old but I have seen Celtic lift so many cups and play in so many games on TV and it just makes me proud and happy. I love singing but my speech wasn't so good so my Daddy bought me a Celtic songs CD. I listened to it every day and I now know every word of every song and my speech is now really good and everyone is amazed, though my Mummy doesn’t look too happy after having to listen to The Celtic Song in the car 20 times a day. 

    What was your first match and what do you remember about it?
    My first Celtic match was against Rangers but I was only a little baby and can’t remember much about it except that we won, which was brilliant. The game that I remember the most is the Scottish Cup final against Hibs when we scored three goals. As a present for making my First Holy Communion my Auntie and Uncle got my Daddy and I tickets to go for lunch to Celtic Park and then over to Hampden, and we were in the front row for the game. It was so exciting and when the goals went in the crowd went crazy. I was just so happy that we won and to see the team coming with the big cup around the pitch was amazing. Some day that will be me lifting that cup. 

    Who is your Celtic hero and why? 
    My Celtic hero will always be Samaras. I just love him. I love Santa and his beard and when I first saw Sammi with his beard I knew he was going to be a great player. I loved watching Sammi play and score and when he scored he did his wee heart sign and as I got my heart fixed when I was a baby I thought it was so nice. I got to meet Sammi and train with him and he was always so kind to me and then at the last game of the season he saw me in the crowd and picked me out and brought me on a lap of honour and told Sky Sports in an interview that I was his pal. That was the best day of my life and I will never forget him for making me feel so special that day.

    Are there any players from the past you wish you had seen play live and why?
    I have every Celtic DVD that there is and I watch them all day, every day and there are so many great players but the player I love watching the most from the olden days is Henrik Larsson. He was amazing and scored so many goals for us and some crackers like the chip over the Rangers goalie’s head at Celtic Park. I would love to have seen him play as he just kept scoring all the time and that is when I am at my happiest when the ball hits the back of the net.

    What is your favourite Celtic moment?
    Every morning I wake up is my favourite Celtic moment as I get to watch all my DVDs and read my books on Celtic. I just love them but moments that really made me happy were:

    1 - When Sammi scored the first goal against Rangers at Ibrox and jumped into the crowd. I watch that every day and just know that if I had scored I would have run out of the ground and all the way home to Ireland to my Mummy I would have been that excited. I just love the crowd going crazy and hugging Sammi. That made me really happy.

    2 - When Tony Watt scored against Barcelona it was so exciting even my teachers told my Mummy that I could have a lie-in the next day as I couldn’t sleep that night I was so excited. What a goal.

    3 - The last game of the season when Neil Lennon gave me his medal and Sammi picked me out of the crowd. I dream about it every night and can’t believe what happened to me that day. Not too many people have their dreams come true like that.

    Why is Celtic a club like no other for you?
    I have Down’s Syndrome and not so long ago people with that were not treated so nicely and my Mummy and Daddy made a promise when I was born that they would try and make a difference and ensure that I was treated the same as everyone else. Thanks to Celtic and all the fans around the world you have changed my life, you are all the best people in the world and have treated me so kindly and helped me live my dream and I love you all. Sometimes my Mummy has a wee cry when she reads all the messages sent to me on Facebook or Twitter and when I ask her why she says, ‘A special club for a special Bhoy.’ My world is Celtic. From the moment I get up until I fall asleep it is all I think about and talk about. It just makes me happy. What more does a Bhoy need? Thank you Celtic and all the fans and if you are reading this please be very proud as you are part of a club like no other.

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