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  • Celtic fan Lawrence is aiming for Super Bowl success

    Celtic fan Lawrence is aiming for Super Bowl success

    By: Paul Cuddihy on 01 Feb, 2012 15:22

  • AMERICAN Football star Lawrence Tynes is preparing for the sport’s showpiece event this Sunday, when his New York Giants take on the New England Patriots for the Super Bowl.

    But ahead of the game, the Scottish-born Giants kicker spoke exclusively to the Celtic View about the clash in Indianapolis, his memories of winning the Super Bowl back in 2008 and, of course, his enduring love for the green and white Hoops.

    “The past couple of months I’ve just focused on our football, but once the season’s over, I can get back on the Internet and start following Celtic again,” Tynes told the View.

    “I want to come back to Scotland. I want to take my wife over, and I think my kids are old enough now – they’ll be five in the summer – for this kind of trip, and to go to a Celtic game would be awesome.

    “I went to a hockey game here in New York last week at Madison Square Gardens. They showed me on the big screen and 18,000 people gave me a standing ovation, which was pretty cool, so 60,000 people at Celtic Park would be even better.”

    It was Tynes who kicked a field goal in overtime against the San Francisco 49ers to put the Giants into the Super Bowl

    “It’s very similar to 2008,” he said. “It’s the same kind of team and the same kind of guys. There are only 17 of us left from that success but we have instilled in the younger guys that mentality.

    “It’s important that we’ve got these guys, who are all in important positions, who’ve been here before, including Eli Manning who is our quarterback and our leader. We all know what it takes to win a game and also to win a Super Bowl, and it’s a lot more than just talent.

    “The team spirit and camaraderie here is so important. Everybody knows what they have to do, and no-one gets carried away with the accolades or the success.”

    Tynes, who was born in Greenock, spent the first 10 years of his life in Scotland before moving back to the United States when his dad, who was in the US Navy, was transferred home.

    And he remains proud of his Scottish roots and the fact he remains the only Scot to have won the Super Bowl.

    “My roots are in Scotland. This is where I was born,” Tynes said. “Even if I don’t have the accent any more, I’m still Scottish, and it’s great to know people will be supporting me back home.

    “Hopefully I’ll also become the first Scot to win the Super Bowl twice,” he said.
    Read the full and exclusive interview with Lawrence Tynes ONLY in this week’s Celtic View. On sale now.

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