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  • Four from the Fans: Callum McGregor answers your questions

    Four from the Fans: Callum McGregor answers your questions

    By: Tony Connelly on 27 Mar, 2020 16:00

  • WITH the Scottish football calendar postponed due to the current coronavirus crisis, the Celtic View team is catching up with the players to ask them your questions. Next up in our ‘Four from the Fans’ series is Callum McGregor who, like everyone at Celtic Football Club, hopes all Hoops fans stay safe during this period of uncertainty.

    Look out for the relevant hashtags on the Celtic View’s official Twitter feed in the coming days and weeks for your chance to be featured in future series entries.


    Douglas Barrett (@IamShuggz)
    'As long as I can remember, I’ve loved playing football. I was running about with the ball from three or four-years-old. I have an older brother and when he first started playing in football teams, my Dad would take me along with him to watch. I’d be dribbling at the side of the pitch, just playing football myself. One night the coach asked if I wanted to join in and after a few minutes he was asking my Dad if I’d like to play with them on Saturday.

    'I always remember playing football from an early age. I then got picked up by Celtic only gives you more inspiration.

    'I always talk about the Nakamura free-kick against Manchester United as a big moment for me. I was ball boying at that game and I felt the energy and the electricity in the stadium that night. It leaves an impression on you and I remember thinking to myself, I want a bit of this, this is me, this is what I was born to do. Moments like that inspire you to chase that and being at Celtic, you know you have the chance to do it.

    'It’s a combination of making it happen and experiencing those inspiring moments.'

    The Clover (@TheClover_67)

    'If I picked this player, I probably won’t get in the team. He’d be picked ahead of me, but I’ll still go with Tommy Burns. He was incredible and such a massive influence on me when I was younger with him being head of the academy. He was always working really close with the academy even when he was first-team coach.

    'My Dad remembers watching him play and would tell me how good a player he was. He was similar to me in that he was left-footed, could shift the ball, ping passes and score goals. I’d probably be sitting on the bench watching him but I’d have to say Tommy Burns.

    'If I could choose another, I’d go with Larsson. As a midfield player, he’d make my job so easy. You’d find him with the ball and he’d do the rest. He could do everything, come short, run in behind or score headers.

    Invincibles @TheInvincibl3s

    'Number one, enjoy it. Enjoy football and get as many touches with the ball as you can. When I was younger, that’s what I’d be told all the time. Anytime you have five minutes, go outside with the ball, pass it against a wall, control it, do keepy-ups, use both feet. Master control of the football, that’s what Tommy used to tell all the kids at that time when I was growing up.

    'You have to dedicate yourself. Anytime I had spare time I was out playing football. I dedicated my life to being a footballer. That’s hard at 11-years-old and you think there’s so much more to life and you want to have fun and everything else. But, if you want to do it and be a footballer, you have to take it seriously as well. The combination of those two bits of advice is what I’d tell any young person wanting to be a footballer.'

    hail hail csc @owenwilson1967
    'The best player I’ve played with is a tough choice. I’ve played with Virgil van Dijk who is now regarded as the best centre-half in the world. He’s progressed so much since leaving Celtic but the person I see perform at the highest level every single day is Broony.

    'He does it every day in training and in games. His mentality is always the same. For me to work so closely with him, I see his attitude and the way he drives other people on. He’s always got the highest standards. His footballing ability gets overlooked a lot as well. You don’t play for Celtic for over 10 years and wear the captain armband and not be a top player. He’s played in all these European games and he’s a top footballer as well. For me, to be that consistent over a period of 14 or 15 years shows that he’s a top player.

    'I’ll go for an easy one here and say Messi. It’s a standard answer but he’s so good that you can’t help but pick him every time. You watch him on the TV and he’s incredible. To play against him a few times is something else. He’s so good that you can’t even get near him. You think he’s going to pass it and then he dribbles past you. It’s like he knows what’s going on before you even think about what he’s going to do. He’s incredible and such a special talent.'


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