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  • Exclusive Kris Commons Interview Part 2: Fans have been amazing

    Exclusive Kris Commons Interview Part 2: Fans have been amazing

    By: Mark Henderson on 04 Jun, 2017 09:31

  • IN part two or our exclusive interview with Kris Commons, he reveals just why Celtic became such a special club to him and his family...

    You have played under some great managers and alongside some wonderful players during your time at the club. Have you forged a lot of friendships in that time?
    I’ve had six-and-a-half years up here and my two boys were born up here so it’s a family thing for me. My door is always open to friends and family who want to come and spend time with us. It’s been more than a football career, it’s been about creating a family life which has blossomed in Glasgow. I think we will live here for the rest of our days. Coming up here has completed changed our lives. It’s way beyond football.

    You, Lisa and the rest of the family have really embraced Celtic and the club’s ethos which has cemented your connection with supporters.
    I gave a little bit of my time playing football and doing what I did on the football field, but what the fans gave me in return, I will be forever in their debt. How they made me fell and how they made my family welcome. I scored a few goals, but the nights and the atmosphere I witnessed will stay with me for the rest of my days. Some people may forget my goals but I certainly will never the great nights and memories with Celtic.


    Having scored 91 goals in 226 appearances made a crucial contribution in such a successful era of the club, your place in Celtic history is guaranteed. How does that make you feel?
    It’s good as you always measured on certainly the goals you scored but also who you scored them against. Going back to my team-mates, they gave me the opportunity to score goals in big games. When I look back over a DVD at some point when my children are older and I have grandchildren, I can show them this what I was part of and no-one can take that away from me. The emotional side of it is always going to be there.

    What have you and the family enjoyed so much about Celtic and Glasgow which has seen you want to establish roots here?
    Everything: there is not one word I can say that has been bad about here. We came up to Glasgow on a Wednesday or Thursday and within two weeks we had moved into a house and my first son was born. It’s like been thrown into a washing machine of passion and love. We went along for the ride and came out the other side with heaps of memories which will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

    What would your message be to the Celtic supporters?
    I came as a professional footballer and I am now one of them. I am a proper Celtic fan, and I will be getting my season book.


    You and Lisa have become immersed in the fabric of the club – what do you believe makes Celtic such a special institution?
    The fans are the heartbeat and soul of everything good about Celtic and without them we would be nowhere. For what they have created for me, I will be forever in their debt. Credit to every single person who turns up every week and to every Celtic fan across the world as they have so much passion for their football club and it shines through to the players and people in the dressing room – you buy into this club. There are no normal Celtic fans. They are diehards. They are full of life and just the energy and soul I feel from every Celtic fan is just a blessing, so why would I want to move from Glasgow when I get so many good feelings from every Celtic fan I see?

    Has there been one moment where it’s really stuck home to you about how much Celtic means to so many people?
    There have been a lot of good memories but realising exactly the scale of the club would have been the recent (BBC) documentary about the Lions. Anyone who watched that, regardless of their background, if you weren’t moved by the achievements of those men and what they did for this city or club, I don’t think you are a normal human. Now I can say I’m part of this iconic club, and I was able to enjoy a little snippet of it.

    Speaking of the Lions, how much did you enjoy the Celebrate ’67 event at the Hydro?
    It was exceptional. I really enjoyed it. It was a fitting tribute to the Lisbon Lions, and rightly so. The documentary I watched on the television cemented their place in history. They will sung about and talked about for many years to come. It has been an emotional time but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Although your playing days have ended, you now have a lifelong association now with Celtic. What does that mean to you?
    I am never going to be too far away – once a Celt, always a Celt. The fans have gained another fan in me. I came as a footballer but I left as a Celtic supporter and that’s not just me but pretty much my whole family. I’m looking thoroughly forward to in the future when I will be watching the stars who inspire my boys.


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